Eastside Academic Studies


Drama/Film/Media Club

Teacher: Margaret Shuman
Date/Time: Friday - 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM
Room: Online
Department: Art and Music
Grade Level: High School (9th-12th)

Join the club! Your $10 for the year will go to thank you gifts for our guests.

After you register, you will receive specific emails about logging in to Friday nights and all other activities.

The club is open to homeschoolers outside Eastside as well.

Here is the schedule of guest speakers and topics:

Drama/Film/Media Club Spring 2020


7:00-8:15 pm on Zoom



January 29  Amor Owens, acting skills; www.amorowens.com, imdb.me/amorowens



February 12  Matt Armstrong, fine arts: painter; mattarmstrongart.com



February 26  Amor Owens, acting skills; www.amorowens.com, imdb.me/amorowens



March 12  Robert Solomon, view the short film (Duke) he starred in and discuss it and other film clips; www.imdb.me/robertsolomon



April 16  Caleb Diadiggo,  motion graphic designer



May 7  Joshua Jones, recent film grad from GA State; building characters/writing scripts for film and stage

Drama/Film/Media Club Fall 2020



Sept 25: Reading the play "Our Town" for film and stage scenes; Amor Owens joins on Sept 18. Amor: www.amorowens.com imdb.me/amorowens



Oct 2: "Work with an Actor"--Amor Owens compares acting for stage and acting for film, using Our Town scenes. www.amorowens.com, imdb.me/amorowens



Oct 16: "Meet an Actor"--Robert Solomon shares his training, auditions and experiences as an actor. Also discusses practicalities and realities of the film industry. www.imdb.me/robertsolomon



Oct 23: "Media as a Major”— Katy Felker discusses her Creative Technologies degree and how someone can combine a love for communication and technology to find a flexible and useful college major.



Nov 6: “Writing for Film”—Casey Millette discusses her venture from writing YA fiction to writing for film. She will include the difference between writing scripts and writing books when it comes to character/story structure, how scripts are initially built, and what to do once a project is finished.  


Nov 13: "From Script to Screen" -- Watch a few of Robert Solomon’s personal favorite film scenes side-by-side the screenplay to see how dialogue and action translate into the final performance. Workshop a short scene with students to demonstrate how choices influence the final performance. www.imdb.me/robertsolomon

For more information, contact Mrs. Shuman: shumanhw@gmail.com.

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