Eastside Academic Studies


British Literature and Composition

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Teacher: Margaret Shuman
Date/Time: Thursday - 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Room: FH Open Area
Department: Language Arts
Grade Level: High School (9th-12th)


British Literature & Composition (Honors Option)


Learn about "Honors" option at www.MargaretShuman.com


Grades: 10-12, 9 with permission of instructor


One core credit; DOE course code: 23.05200


One weekly class at Eastside with one 90-min section


This is a great class for those who normally don't enjoy literature: there is plenty of action in Anglo-Saxon, Medieval, and Renaissance works, for example. The lit survey covers historical works and authors that every student should be familiar with before graduation—from Beowulf to Canterbury Tales to Wordsworth and T.S. Eliot. Students learn to read, analyze, and write about various styles of great literature, all of which were hits in their time and are still wonderful today. Class discussions often lead into the "great world of ideas," and on-our-feet activities keep the class time moving and interactive. Role playing, illustrating, expressive reading, informal debate, and group work add variety to text study. A mock trial of Victor Frankenstein is often one of spring's activities. 

Texts: England in Literature, Scott Foresman, ISBN 0673129225. Digital copies are loaned out for the year in lieu of printed copies. Also, an unabridged copy of Frankenstein is needed in the spring.

Optional summer reading can add extra credit and/or honors credit. See list and plan at MargaretShuman.com.


Tuition: $90 per month, Aug-Apr, plus $50 supply fee due in Aug. 


Take $5 off per month per student for families with multiple students enrolled in Shuman courses in a current year.

Take $5 off per month per student for families who have enrolled at least one student in a Shuman course in the past.



Would you like to meet up and talk about this class? Contact Margaret at shumanhw@gmail.com. We can meet for a walk or for coffee/tea at a location that works for us both! You can also visit any Shuman class with or without your student, any time. See current teaching schedule at MargaretShuman.com

Find more information at www.MargaretShuman.com.

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