Eastside Academic Studies


Chemistry: Lecture and Laboratory

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Teacher: Kathy Romanoff
Date/Time: Thursday - 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Room: Youth Room
Department: Science
DOE Number: 40.05100
Grade Level: High School (9th-12th)
Maximum Enrollment: 16

GA DOE 40.05100

Mrs. Romanoff has enjoyed teaching Chemistry for more than thirty years. She enjoys working with young people and delights in helping them grasp a somewhat difficult course. Lectures and laboratory experiments will provide the foundation for the class. Mrs. Romanoff believes the lab experience is essential for a student to enjoy and understand the chemical changes we are not only studying but producing. Labs occur on a weekly basis and concise, but guided lab reports are due the following week. 

This year's class will be lengthened to two hours. The extra 30 minutes should provide more time for questions on the current lab, as well as more in class problem solving sessions. Chemistry is a wonderful, but rigorous course that allows us to probe the atomic makeup of things about us. From the infinitesimally small to the astronomically large, we will look at the handiwork of our Creator in a new light. 

Students will maintain a notebook with a Table of Contents which provides an organized method for keeping track of every assignment. Notebooks will be checked from time to time. The course will require about 4 hours of study a week. Detailed assignment sheets will be provided each week as well. In addition, Mrs. Romanoff would like to schedule regular Zoom sessions for class or individual questions during the week.

In a bit more detail, Chemistry encompasses the study of matter and its properties. We will explore the atom and its structure, bonding, and reactions: their spontaneity, energy exchanges, and speed. To round things out we will cover solutions, acids and bases, gases, and stoichiometry (quantitative tracking of chemicals in a reaction.)


1) Mastery of Algebra 1. A weakness in math might require an extra year of math to ensure confidence.


2) This is a rigorous course which requires organizational skills and the discipline to complete homework assignments on time in a thorough fashion.


3) Four math worksheets should be completed after registration. I will send those to registered students. The sheets will review math concepts, and identify strengths and weaknesses in graphing data, utilizing a calculator, and algebra skills. The 3-problem sheet is due immediately after registration and the others are due by August 6. I will send feedback immediately. The purpose for these worksheets is to determine if Chemistry is a good fit for the student.


4) Summer Memory work. Each student should try to memorize some of the 60 elements and 11 polyatomic ions. Familiarization with the symbols will save an enormous amount of time throughout the school year.


Required memory work: Summer Memory Work (see attachment below)

Text: Exploring Creation with Chemistry (2nd Edition with Solutions Manual) by Dr. Jay Wile.)

          I have a few I can loan out.


Supplies: Scientific Calculator needed ($10.00 variety is sufficient), Loose-leaf notebook, approximately 10 sheets of graph paper.


Tuition: Three options are available. Payment begins the first week of class.  Please include the lab fee.


            1)   $750 if paid by the beginning of the school year + $45 lab fee                    Total $795

            2)    2 payments of $385 + one $45 lab fee                                                          Total $815

            3)    $90.00 for 9 months + $45 lab fee                                                                 Total $855

File Attachment:   Summer Memory Work 2022.pdf (150 KB)
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