Eastside Academic Studies


Biology 2 -Marine Biology

Teacher: Maren Katz
Date/Time: Tuesday - 10:45 AM to 12:15 PM
Room: Parlor
Department: Science
DOE Number: 26.013
Grade Level: High School (9th-12th)
Maximum Enrollment: 10


High school Biology


10 - 12TH Grade

This college-prep biology course is designed to be the student's second high school Biology course and provides students with a thorough understanding of the relevance of scientific inquiry. Apologia's Marine Biology, 2nd Edition takes your upper-high school level student under the sea to explore the many wonders of marine wildlife and habitats!

The textbook opens with a chapter on oceans themselves--including plate tectonics, salinity & density, waves, tides, and other physical characteristics-before studying sea creatures and the different types of ocean zones. Subsequent chapters cover life in the sea, the first four kingdoms (Monera, Protista, Fungi, and Plantae), marine invertebrates, marine vertebrates, marine ecology, the intertidal zone, estuary communities, coral reefs, continental shelf communities, the deep ocean, and more, all from a Christian perspective.

In class we will dissect a clam, a starfish, a sponge, and a shark (!!) and look at other marine specimen under the microscope, as well as conduct other fun experiments together.

Parents will administer the tests at home and send them to the teacher to correct, so we can use the class time for experiments and teaching!



Textbook: Apologia Exploring Creation with Marine Biology 2nd edition (please only the 2nd edition!!)

Tests:  Apologia Exploring Creation with Marine Biology 2nd edition tests and solutions (this also contains the answers for the study guide questions!)

Notebook:  Apologia Marine Biology Student Notebook 2nd edition

รจ All materials are available at christianbook.com or other sources

The teacher will provide dissection kits and other supplies needed, this will be covered by the supply fee.


Tuition: $315/ semester plus a one-time lab fee in August of $110

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