Eastside Academic Studies


AP Testing Sites for 2024 Exams

Duluth High School - 3737 Brock Road, Duluth, GA 30096 – Contact: Justin Dunnahoo, Justin.Dunnahoo@gcpsk12.org, 770-232-3367

  • Deadline – October 27, 2023.
  • Complete the attached Registration Form and include a check for $106.00.
  • Registration can be mailed or hand delivered to:
    • Attention: Justin Dunnahoo, Duluth High School, 3737 Brock Road, Duluth, GA 30096

Lakeside High School – 3801 Briarcliff Rd, NE, Atlanta, GA 30345 - First contact: AP Coordinator: Mrs. Elizabeth Krieger (Elizabeth_Krieger@dekalbschoolsga.org), Alternate contact/PSAT Contact: Testing Assistant Principal: Dr. Candace Williams (candace_l_williams@dekalbschoolsga.org)

The test requested must be a test that they offer.

  • Deadlines: Late fees begin Oct. 17 and increase on the 24th.  Nov. 1 is the last day to register and exams must be paid for by Nov. 9.  Nov. 9 is also the last day for a refund.
  • See attached document for registration process.

Parkview High School
 – 998 Cole Drive SW, Lilburn, GA 30047 - Contact: Doug Nichols, doug.nichols@gcpsk12.org, 770-921-2874

  • Deadline – October 31, 2023.
  • Complete the attached Registration Form and include a Cashier’s Check for the amount due.
  • Registration can be mailed or hand delivered to:
    • Attention: Susan Estock – G 1.225 (Assessment Office)
      Parkview High School, 998 Cole Drive, Lilburn, GA 30047

·        Once payment is received, they will email a College Board “Exam Only” Join Code for each AP Exam being registered, with instructions on how to join.



Walton High School – 1590 Bill Murdock Rd, Marietta, GA 30062 - Contact: Pamela Lavangie, pamela.lavangie@cobbk12.org

  • Payment Deadline – November 3, 2023.
  • Must be in feeder zone (although they have occasionally hosted from outside of their feeder zone if a student truly can’t find another test site).
  • Difficult to host outside students in AP Chinese and other World Languages that include recordings since their students will have practiced extensively in the lab or on the recording equipment and a student not as familiar with it can impact the testing environment.
  • Does not guarantee to host students needing testing accommodations or if adding the student pushes their numbers over to the point of needing to hire another proctor.

File Attachments:   Lakeside AP Registration Process.pdf (116 KB)
NON-Duluth HS AP REGISTRATION FORM - 2023-2024.pdf (150 KB)
Parkview AP Exam Reg Form 2023-24.docx (29 KB)
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