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Email: allwriteacademy@gmail.com

During her 15-year tenure at CNN, Valerie Vaughan encountered many enriching work experiences.  She was a video-tape editor, wrote news copy, served as an Associate Producer, and supervised and trained many new hires.  She spearheaded a campaign to heighten sensitivity and eliminate biased language in CNN story reports.  This action resulted in the production of a 30-minute internal training video. Valerie served as the project manager and executive producer of the program.  Ultimately, the tape was used for the training and orientation of all new hires.

Always a teacher at heart, Mrs. Vaughan says: “Whenever I learn something new, I feel compelled to teach it to someone else.”  In 2016, combining her writing skills and her passion for teaching, Valerie developed the All-Write Academy. She is excited to expand her program to Eastside students this year.  

All-Write uses creativity and critical thinking processes, to create better communicators.

Valerie Vaughan is a native of Chicago, Illinois.  She and her husband have an adult daughter and they live in Snellville GA.



2024-2025 Courses

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Thursday - 10:45 AM to 12:15 PM

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